Lighting of the Christmas Tree!

Wednesday Night was the official lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree! This was by far one of the most terrifying nights of my life! My road had been blocked off because Obama was eating dinner two blocks down at Gotham Restaurant and for some reason his convoy needed to drive the opposite direction on the road. NYPD was everywhere. When I got off the subway at 50th Rockafeller it was instant chaos! I took two steps and was instantly solidified into the mass of ten thousand human sardines pushing on the cramped sidewalks trying to convince police to open the many streets they blocked off. All of the streets leading to the tree had been closed! Where’d they expect the thousands to go? I don’t understand why they would do so when they knew how many people would be there? I think extra precautions were being taken because Obama would be attending the event! I was in the claustrophobia for nearly forty five minutes when I was able to beg a cop to let me out so I could go home! I nearly resorted to crawling on the sidewalk! 10 mins in I realized no celeb performance or view of a tree was worth the gridlock!
Here’s the one measly pic I was able to get!!!

And its blurry!!!

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