Delicatessen is a popular restaurant located in Soho on the corner of Prince and Lafayette. It is frequented by the who’s who of th city so I knew I had to try. I went a few times and I was quite pleased. They have large yummy burgers and variations of mac and cheese. They also … More Delicatessen

Australian Coffee

A yummy coffee from an Australian coffee shop in the 7th in Paris. These coffee shops were a source of comfort. I could come study and hear others speaking English, and work in the cool environment.

Tea Party

Some days call for being fancy. On this fine evening, I went to  Laduree for tea and macaroons. I do not know how everyone isn’t obsessed with these delicate whipped egg-white meringue and cream filled desserts! It pairs great with Chamomile tea I might add.

Paradis du Fruit

This restaurant is everything!! Its a super fun fruity paradise chain that’s around Paris. I  hope it expands. They have mix and match meals for more affordable prices, a large array of fruity drinks, and delectable sundae desserts!

Chloe’s Fruit

I decided to try Chloe’s Fruit because I had been hearing so much about it! Its located right by Union Square on 17th. Its dairy and gluten free and even I will say it was a tad too healthy I think I’ll go back try the banana. I had dark chocolate with dark chocolate chips, banana, and … More Chloe’s Fruit


This past semester I tried a few new brunch spots!! I came to two realizations: brunch is still my favorite meal and Sarabeth’s is still one of my top places! I’ve been to Bluebell Cafe, Cafe Orlin, Friend of a Farmer, and Virage recently as well! Sarabeth’s just opened a new location in Gramercy area … More Brunch!